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A single row of tabs. The number of tabs which can fit in one bank is determined by the number of words you wish to place on each tab, the size of the type you select, how many tab titles the job calls for, and more. The best choice can be determined through discussions with a Customer Service Rep here at Kleer-Fax.

Binding Edge:
The edge of the sheet to be bound into the report, book or binder.

Body Copy:
Printing which is not on the tab extension part of the sheet. Common body copy is the same on all tabs, while some jobs call for different printing on the body of each tab title.

Collated vs. Individual Tabs:
The completed tabs can be assembled into complete sets, or packed individually. Options include bagging, shrink-wrapping, boxes and cartons.

Copier Tabs:
Blank tabs die cut and collated (and sometimes drilled) that can be run through a high-speed copier. Our blank tabs are run on particularly high quality stock, to ensure smooth running on your machines.

A way of stating how many tabs form one bank of tabs. In a five-tab bank of tabs, the size of the tabs is described as one-fifth (1/5) cut.

The part of the tab that sticks out from the sheet. Choices are 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8".

Those familiar plastic tabs, into which you slip a piece of paper that has a heading written or copied on it. We offer many varieties. Just ask!

The distance from the edge of the sheet to the beginning of the first tab.

A plastic film which, when present on the tab extension or binding edge, greatly extends the life of the piece. MylarŽ comes in many colors. Print can easily be read through the colored MylarŽ. When applied to the binding edge, this is usually referred to as reinforcing, strengthening the drill holes. Reinforcing tape is available in clear and gold. Please note: MylarŽ can not be applied to a tab extension after it has been die cut, only before. Reinforcing can not be applied after drilling, only before.

Paper Weight:
Tabs are usually constructed of heavy stock, to withstand repeated use. There are many choices available, ranging from the most basic 36# white or manila, up to exotic or extra-heavyweight stocks.

The location of a tab within a bank of tabs. For example, the first tab in a bank of tabs is in the first position.

Reversed Printing:
A solid bar of black or color ink which fills the entire tab extension. The letters are "knocked out" of this bar of print, so they appear as white printing (assuming the paper is white).

All the tabs that go together into one individual book or binder. A set can be one bank of tabs, or it can even consist of many banks of tabs of different sizes.

Side Tabs / Bottom Tabs:
A tab extension can be located anywhere on the sheet (even the top or the left side). For example, a ˝" extension side tab would have the following dimensions: 11" x 9" (8˝" plus the ˝" extension). A ˝" extension bottom tab would have the following dimensions: 8˝" x 11˝" (11" plus the ˝" extension).

Turnaround Time:
The length of time it will take to complete your order.

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