The Peace Corps and Job Corps

One of the many great things about our country is that there are so many opportunities to volunteer and help others. Additionally, there are programs designed to help us. While many argue that helping another is a way of helping oneself (and we don’t disagree) we want to highlight two amazing programs the United States has that help us promote goodwill around the world and help our own young people.

The programs are the Peace Corps, where we can volunteer to go to other nations and serve in the capacity of helping others, and Job Corps, Continue reading

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Kleer-Fax Barbeque

When you coordinate your marketing efforts, do you ever think to do any internal marketing? That is, do you consider that your team deserves to be reminded that you care about them, and that they work for a great company?

We’ve been thinking of this more lately because our average employee has been with us for over 15 years. While it’s true that we’ve been good to them – never bouncing a paycheck, always having a health and life plan, and refusing to accept lucrative offers to move outside the United States – the truth is that we felt we could do more.K-Fax BBQ 9.24.14 005 Continue reading

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Our Big Twitter Pink Wallet Giveaway

We’re on Twitter, updating our status and plugging away at 140 characters/message. As always, we seek to be in touch with you, so we’d love it if you follow us. There are many great reasons to follow us on Twitter. For one, we’ll never abuse the relationship by posting things that are outside of the interests of our company. Instead, we’ll lead you to a Time article Continue reading

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