Our Big Twitter Pink Wallet Giveaway

We’re on Twitter, updating our status and plugging away at 140 characters/message. As always, we seek to be in touch with you, so we’d love it if you follow us. There are many great reasons to follow us on Twitter. For one, we’ll never abuse the relationship by posting things that are outside of the interests of our company. Instead, we’ll lead you to a Time article highlighting the fact that Mexico’s greatest export is the result of factories leaving the US. Additionally, if you follow us on Twitter this week you’ll be in a drawing to receive 3 of our brand new Pink Wallets, which have a retail value of $21. In addition to that, if you leave a comment on this blog post stating any of the following:

  • How you’ll use the wallets
  • Your relationship to someone who has been affected by cancer
  • Whether or not you’ve ever heard of/supported the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation

we’ll add another entry for you, giving you two entries instead of one. Remember, following us on Twitter gives you an entry as does leaving a comment here meeting one of the above criteria. Doing both gives you two entries.   Contest Ends June 27th at 12:00 EST

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6 thoughts on “Our Big Twitter Pink Wallet Giveaway

  1. A close family friend passed away from cancer a few months ago. Her and I both collected Breast Cancer Awareness products together ever since she was diagnosed, and I haven’t gotten anything since she passed. This wallet would be a memory of her!

  2. Breast Cancer Awareness is very important to us, as my mother and grandmother are both survivors. Pink products are very popular among our customers as well. We even have a Pink BCA section in the front of the store.

  3. A Hearty Congratulations to our friends at Bedford Office Supply who submitted their name into our contest by following us on Twitter.

    For those who happen to be passing through Bedford, IN you might want to stop in and say hello. While you’re there inquire about any Pink Wallets they might have!

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