A Paperless World?

The world is changing. Company newsletters are now blogs, documents are scanned and saved digitally, and many of us are paying our bills online. However, in spite of the many articles about how the world will go paperless, the truth is that there will always be a need and want in the marketplace.

Needs in the marketplace will include the necessity of paper back-ups for important manuals. It’s great that a tablet can condense thousands of pages into one place, but the drawbacks are that it only takes a fall from a few feet, or a little bit of water, to destroy the device. While it’s best to keep coffee stains off of your hardcopies, a few spills won’t ruin their functionality.     

Additionally, when it comes to sensitive materials, anything digital can be stolen from halfway around the world. Many attorneys who have tried to organize for a trial using a tablet have reported back to us that it’s not easier. There’s less to carry, but more effort to keep track of it. Lastly, government agencies, such as the VA and IRS, communicate through the mail as a rule. And when it comes to shipping goods, what’s a better alternative to cardboard boxes?

As for wants in the marketplace, many people still want to hold a traditional book, and artwork is not going to go exclusively to graphic design. Additionally, when it comes to making someone feel special on their birthday or anniversary, a card in the mail (or the wrapping of a dozen roses) simply goes further than a text message saying “hppy bday cuz :-)”.

Having said this, there will be less paper as new innovations become more affordable. Classrooms may one day be outfitted with tablets at every desk, allowing children to hand in their “papers” with the click of a button, creating less need for loose-leaf.

For those who still think that paper will completely die, perhaps a view of the video below will help you think a little differently.

We’d love to know what you think about the world of paper, and when (or if) you think offices will be completely paperless.

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