Kleer-Fax Web App: Are we Going Paperless?

We make paper products and that’s not going to change anytime soon, but just as we are embracing today’s technology with our recent explosion of Twitter posts (2 this month!) we have also come out with an app that will help people compare competing products to ours.

The way it works is this: customers can go to the app through a shortcut on their phone or desktop, or click on this URL, www.kleer-fax.com/xref.

Wallets and Pockets: Smead v. Kleer-Fax

When a customer types in the SKU for Smead’s legal size wallet (71166) they will find that our #53676 is a comparable product.

It’s not really comparable because we use:

  • Thicker paper
  • Tyvek reinforcing strip
  • Rivets
  • American labor

Not to mention the fact that the manufacturer suggested list price for theirs is 45% higher.

Legal Index Tabs: Avery v. Kleer-Fax

For those who buy Avery exhibit tabs, there’s an American alternative.

You can search on the cross reference page for Tab A by typing in SKU 01401 and find that our #80001 is comparable. By comparable, of course, we mean that it looks exactly the same, not that Avery’s is Made in America (it’s not). Also, our legal indexes are FSC Certified and cost less. If that wasn’t enough, we make 1100+ more SKUs than them.

For years, customers have not been able to make the switch to Kleer-Fax because they did not want to disrupt their work in the event that our products didn’t match up properly. With this web app we are developing, that will no longer be a problem.

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