How Local Jobs Keep Money in Your Community

We’re a well-known North American brand. Our products are sold through thousands of outlets from mom-and-pop print shops and office dealers to larger chains and websites.

What you Spend Stays

People buy our products because they are:

Additionally, by buying Kleer-Fax products, you support local jobs. This includes the 100+ employees we have at our factory, as well as the local dealer you support, and the ripple effect that spending has in your community.

The Direct Effect Your Cash has on the Economy

When you make the initial purchase of Kleer-Fax products, the most transparent effect this decision has is that more than 100 families who depend on our factory being open have a secured position by way of honest work.

If you are an end-user, such as a lawyer, accountant, or parent buying back-to-school supplies, then it’s very likely you are buying these online, at your local office products dealer, or from a sales rep. In this case, you have not only supported the families who depend on our factory, but also those who work at that business.

The Indirect Effect Your Cash has on the Economy

Following your purchase, the transaction that ends for you is just beginning for us. Your purchase leads to many people receiving their wages. When Kleer-Fax employees get paid it’s not unreasonable to think that they may go out to a restaurant.

When more than 100 families go out to restaurants in a community, those businesses stay alive more vibrantly. Even more importantly, people stay in the community and help it grow by getting involved in volunteer work, such as the PTA, highway adoption programs, and volunteering at shelters and soup kitchens.

The alternative is to volunteer to deploy your money to other countries.

What Happens When you Purchase Foreign-made Products

It must be said that if you cannot get what you need from within your community, then you are forced to seek it out elsewhere. For example, there are very few office products dealers in Wyoming, and while many people would love to buy from their “local” dealer 300 miles away, if he does not have a website, they may not think to give him a call on the phone when everything else is just a click away.

Having said this, there are many times when people buy products that are made/sold close to home only to purchase similar (if not the same) products made in other countries through businesses far from their location.

For example, if a large insurance company on Long Island purchased its expandable file folders from a competitor of ours who operates its factory out of Mexico, the result is that aside from likely paying more due to built in shipping charges, less money will be cycling into the US economy. If this happens enough, we may not be able to support ourselves, which could lead to us shutting down.

If we shut down, then it’s possible that our people may have to leave New York in order to take care of their families. In terms of insurance, this could mean the loss of 100 families for health, auto, life, and other kinds of coverage. Directly speaking, the health, dental and life insurance we have offered for the past 42 years would certainly disappear. With it, so do the premiums that our provider counts as revenue.

In addition to this, 100 less families are getting paid, which means that less money is available for them to go to restaurants. Wait and bus staff, as well as bartenders, begin to make less. As they make less, and restaurants sell fewer meals, these people begin to suffer and have to start cutting back. They may become delinquent on their bills, creating a situation where vendors (from meat and vegetable sellers to plumbers and accountants) are all waiting to get paid.

The ripple effect extends greatly, and, in some cases, the damage is irreversible.

By buying US-made goods, jobs will be preserved. And the job may be your own.

The Seeds we Nurture Will Take Root and Provide a Harvest During Hard Times

The Seeds we Nurture Will Take Root and Provide a Harvest During Hard Times.

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