Federal Recreational Land Passes – $10 Lifetime Use for Seniors

As a part of the new area of our website called America the Beautiful, we are going to focus on some the great things our country has to offer. While this is highlighted in other posts, such as:

We honestly feel that we need to do more, and this was especially evident when our president, Louis Nigro, visited 3 national parks recently and found that for $10 he could obtain a lifetime pass to all national parks.

To quote him on such matters: “How dare you ask how old I am! Yes, I’ll take the senior discount.”

Who Qualifies for the Federal Recreational Land Pass?

An annual pass to the national parks can be obtained for $80, and there are opportunities for volunteers to get a free pass, as well, but this is strictly regarding the $10 lifetime pass for seniors.

To get this pass you must be 62-years-old and a US citizen or permanent resident. The pass can be obtained online or through the mail. Mailed passes cost $20. In addition to the use of the parks, some discounts are available on camping, swimming and boating.

For more details, click here.

What Park can you go to?

Among the many great places to visit, you can see Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, and The Dinosaur National Monument.

However, with there being over 2,000 locations to visit, you can find one that is right in your backyard by going to the recreation.gov website and doing a search in your state. Not all apply to the Federal Recreation Land Pass, so be sure to call in advance.

When we typed in New York we found that the Amagansett National Wildlife Refuge (73 miles from our factory) is included, as is The Jazz Museum in Harlem (41 miles away), and the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site (39 miles away).

For those in NY there are 137 sites on recreation.gov, some of which the pass applies to. Montana has 868, Alaska has 577, and New Mexico has 762.

Free Admission for Military Members and Families

Current service members and their families do not have to pay to see historic sites or go to national parks.

While we wish that all veterans could receive a free pass to the parks, it only applies to those who are currently serving on active duty or in the reserves. The pass is good for the year and must be obtained in person with the use of a military ID or a Common Access Card (CAC).

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