Free Flu Shots = Healthy Employees

Today is flu shot day at Kleer-Fax. Every year before Thanksgiving we have trained professionals come into the factory so that our employees can get the vaccination (if they want it).

We do this for several reasons. Among them are:

  • We care about the health of our team
  • The lost time is minimal
  • Healthy employees are more productive

A Healthy Team = Less Sick Days

Our staff gets a certain number of sick days each year. They also get paid vacation time, as well. For those who do not use up their sick time, they get paid for it at the end of the year.

If an employee gets the flu, she will be forced to use up all of her sick time, and may even have to use her vacation days to care for a household member who gets sick as a result. This is of no benefit to us. We’d much rather her be healthy all year, and if she gets a bonus as a result of not having to use a sick day, that’s all the better.

It Takes Less Than 5 Minutes to Avoid 5 Days of Being Sick

The flu is no joking matter, and while we can accept some people’s reasons for not wanting one, we do our best to make it easy for our employees to have access.

Suleyman (Mechanic) Gets a Flu Shot

Suleyman (Mechanic) Gets a Flu Shot

The professionals who administered the vaccine came in at 1:00. Employees cycled in from their machines or assembly lines, and some work time was sacrificed, but the shot takes almost no time to administer. We were able to have 30 employees served in  less than an hour.

When compared to the potential loss of just a handful of our staff being out with the flu, this is a no-brainer.

Productivity Rises and Falls With Health and Illness

This all ties into productivity. We care about our team, but we cannot care for them if we don’t have any money coming in, and we can’t make any money if we can’t make, sell, and ship our goods.

Additionally, if the level of production falls, then the products cost more to make, meaning that we have to raise prices, making them less competitive. If we are less competitive, then we’ll lose sales. If we lose sales, we will have to cut jobs.Flu Shot

If this happens enough, then we’ll have to shut down.


It’s about more than just a flu shot.


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