Goodfellas/Kleer-Fax Caption Contest

As many people know from reading our About Us page, prior to 1994 we only made indexing products and loose-leaf paper. Our expansion into expandable products was the result of purchasing a company in Brooklyn called the Saldan Bindery, which carried a brand called Abaca.

Among the employees who came over to Kleer-Fax, we are still fortunate to have the expertise of Pasquale “Butchy” Donadio, who has been working in our industry for more than 50 years!

Pasquale "Butchy" Donadio: a Credit to our Company

Pasquale “Butchy” Donadio: a Credit to our Company

Among many stories he has is one from when the 1990 film Goodfellas was being filmed just outside of the Saldan Bindery. During a scene later in the film when Karen Hill (Lorraine Bracco) goes to see James Conway (Robert De Niro), many fans have noted that the file folder Mr. De Niro is holding is of among the finest in American manufacturing! However, the inclusion of this prop was inserted at the last minute.

According to Butchy, right before the camera went live someone handed Mr. De Niro the file folder. Some have argued that it made the movie what it was; others have stated that before this scene they were about to turn off their televisions; and, lastly, it has been argued that the best supporting actress should have gone to the file folder, but she was robbed.

Here we see Robert DeNiro Explaining the Benefits of Using a Wallet (has a flap) Instead of a Pocket (no flap

Here we see Robert De Niro Explaining the Benefits of Using a Wallet (has a flap) Instead of a Pocket (no flap)


Now that we have gotten past this history lesson, we’d love to offer our giveaway.

The contest: Enter a caption in the comments below. It seems apparent to us that they are discussing filing, or something of an office products nature, but maybe not. Let us know by noon EST on 8/18/14

The Prize: When entering the caption, note the name of any Kleer-Fax product, and we will send you a retail value of $25 worth. You can also opt to have 2 custom K-Pad Covers and Folios

Bonus Entry: Anyone who follows us and/or Tweets or re-Tweets our Tweet about this post will receive additional entries.

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9 thoughts on “Goodfellas/Kleer-Fax Caption Contest

  1. “I once got my schmoolie stuck in one of these. It took 3 firemen and a quart of Genco Pura Olive Oil to get it out!”

  2. That”s a beautiful Kleer-fax 7046 you got there. Yeah well you know—gotta keep up appearances !

  3. here’s 2000 bucks and there’s some guys with stolen fur coats you should see in the blind alley around the corner.

  4. “what do you mean, you like the way I file? you’re funny. you should see what I can do with my 1817A Mylar Reinforced Gusset with Extra Long Flap.”

  5. Oh… whatta ya talkin about…… I want you to deliver this Kleer-fax folder to Don Pasquale Donadio. It contains a autograph copy of Dion The Wanderer Talks Truth: Stories, Humor & Music.

  6. This is the best thing I’ve found in a long time for holding all kinds of things. Papers, files, a body. If you need one I know a guy.

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