Our Big Twitter Pink Wallet Giveaway

We’re on Twitter, updating our status and plugging away at 140 characters/message. As always, we seek to be in touch with you, so we’d love it if you follow us. There are many great reasons to follow us on Twitter. For one, we’ll never abuse the relationship by posting things that are outside of the interests of our company. Instead, we’ll lead you to a Time article Continue reading

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Oral Communication and the Need for Written Documentation

For anyone who has ever played the telephone game, you know that the message passed from one person to another changes greatly over a short distance. This happened in our office recently when someone in the factory was paged.

A team member who had not heard the message asked,

“Who was just paged?”

“Mike,” came the reply.

Then another person asked, “what did he ask?”

“Oh, he just wanted to know who paged Mike.” Continue reading

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Kleer-Fax Web App: Are we Going Paperless?

We make paper products and that’s not going to change anytime soon, but just as we are embracing today’s technology with our recent explosion of Twitter posts (2 this month!) we have also come out with an app that will help people compare competing products to ours.

The way it works is this: customers can go to the app through a shortcut on their phone or desktop, or click on this URL, www.kleer-fax.com/xref. Continue reading

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Following up on Sales Calls: Why it’s Important

Great for Seminars, Universities, or a Memorable Sales Leave-behind

Great for Seminars, Universities, or a Memorable Sales Leave-behind

Last month we were one of many attendees at the ASI show in New York City’s Jacob Javitz Center. ASI (Ad Specialty Items) focuses on promotional goods, such as pens with your name on them, refrigerator magnets, and now our brand new, patent pending, Make Your Own Portfolios and K-Pad Wrappers. Continue reading

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Compassionate Capitalism: How Corporations can use Their Resources to Give Back

When it comes to giving back, many people consider the jobs created by businesses – small and large – to be enough. Those who have started a company know the incredible feat it is to keep one going, but many business leaders are going beyond this by giving even more.

This includes sponsoring a local little league team or allowing a Girl Scout Troop to set up for a day outside of one’s store.

53677 pink wallet

5% of all proceeds will go to the cancer research foundation Find a Cure, also known as the Carol M. Baldwin Foundation

Continue reading

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Why Buy American-made Goods?

We may be a little biased on this subject; after all, we compete with many companies who manufacture their goods outside of the US. However, it’s not because we have to. Kleer-Fax has had offers to move production to Mexico with the enticement that skilled labor will cost much less, increasing our bottom line.

However, we are not going anywhere. We believe in supporting our employees, as well as our community, and that is among the many reasons why you should buy goods made in the USA.      Continue reading

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A Paperless World?

The world is changing. Company newsletters are now blogs, documents are scanned and saved digitally, and many of us are paying our bills online. However, in spite of the many articles about how the world will go paperless, the truth is that there will always be a need and want in the marketplace.

Needs in the marketplace will include the necessity of paper back-ups for important manuals. It’s great that a tablet can condense thousands of pages into one place, but the drawbacks are that it only takes a fall from a few feet, or a little bit of water, to destroy the device. While it’s best to keep coffee stains off of your hardcopies, a few spills won’t ruin their functionality.      Continue reading

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